Training and Behavior Modification

No two dogs are exactly the same, therefore I do not use a "cookie cutter" approach to training. Rather, I tailor each program to help each unique dog and family with their area of need based on their dog's personality and history. 

Puppy Training

Getting your puppy started off on the right paw in life is very important to raising a well balanced and healthy dog.


What does Science-Based training mean? Just like medical doctors keep abreast on the latest research in order to treat their patients with the most effective drug therapies, science-based animal trainers stay up to date on the most recent research in order to provide their clients with the most effective behavior-change protocols. Information from the fields of comparative psychology, welfare, ethology, and applied behavior analysis contribute to a skilled behavior consultant’s recommendations, ensuring that the interventions they recommend for your dog are ethical, humane, and effective.


Raising a baby animal that is a different species than we as human beings are hardwired to raise can be challenging. I will work with your puppy one-on-one in your home to cover the basic commands as well as addressing areas such as potty training, biting, jumping, and crate training. This will not only help you raise your puppy to be a well balanced dog emotionally and mentally but will strengthen the bond between your pup and family. 

Training your puppy should be fun for both the dog and you! We will work on this with the whole family! Children should be included in helping to train their new furry family member. 


Behavioral Problems

Not everyone can be a rockstar in all categories. Some of our beloved furry friends may be struggling in areas impacting behavior. Using punishment will not treat the root of your dog's underlying behavioral problem. In order to help your dog improve their mental health we must address the cause or trigger that improves your dog's psyche. 

Some of these behavioral problems may be categorized as the following:

Generalized Anxiety (varying levels)

Separation Anxiety (varying levels)

Reactivity (varying levels)

Aggression (several categories)

Using science and positive reinforcement motivators such as food  (all based on emotional thresholds) I will work with your dog to overcome his or her area of struggle through counterconditioning and desensitization.


Often I start by shaping them to have a calm and relaxed state of mind on a yoga mat. It is very important your dog be in a calm and relaxed state of mind in order to absorb training. We then gradually begin introducing triggers while using marker or clicker training to begin changing your dog's emotional response for the positive. This process is called counterconditioning. 

Teaching a reactive, aggressive, or anxious dog that the world isn't such a scary place is a beautiful gift to give them.

Separation Anxiety is indeed very treatable but needs to be done gently and gradually. Each dog moves at their own pace. Counterconditioning and desensitization are how we will help your dog overcome their fear of being left alone. 


Charollette, a previously leash-reactive and incredibly fearful dog, enjoying relaxing in the park with her mom using counterconditioning.

Pippi, a previously anxious and overlyexcited dog, is now able to love stress-free walks with her dad.

This beautiful and previously "unmanageable" pup is now able to focus on her owner and enjoy a calm walk rather than reacting to everything she sees. 

Advanced Training for Stimulation

Keeping our dogs busy and occupied can be quite a feat at times. Particularly for those who cohabitate with working breeds. Proper physical and mental stimulation are vital to maintaining a balanced state of mind in our dogs.

I will do a few trials and tests with your dog to  evaluate the best "job" for your dog. Often times I create plans based off of your dog's unique needs and your lifestyle. Some dogs thrive on treadmills while others love burrowing through tunnels for nose work. Together we will discover your dog's passion!