Training using the CDC Guidlines and Strategies during COVID-19

Remote Training and Social Distanced Training

I am offering virtual owner coaching and dog training through virtual platforms as well as social-distanced in-person training. While this may seem unconventional and isn't applicable to every situation both my clients and myself find it very effective! 

This is a unique option that relies on my coaching skills as much as my ability to work with dogs. This option is perfect for folks who are looking to address problems with their dogs, looking to prevent future pandemic-related behaviors, and guidance on raising a puppy while in quarantine.

I am offering a FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION to provide you the opportunity to get to know me a bit better as well as to test-drive Virtual Dog Training and Owner Coaching!

I am offering socially distanced training that follows the CDC's Guidelines and Strategies for operating safely during this time. In order to keep everyone as safe as possible I am working outdoors, masks on, and maintaining a social distance. This allows us the benefit of working together in-person but doing so as safely as possible.

Hello, Kathryn here. I know this is a scary, uncertain, and unprecedented time. Dogs have long since been of great emotional comfort for humans. It's part of why we adore them so much! 
This pandemic is a unique time for not only us but for our dogs as well.
While they are THRILLED to have the extra time with us at home it is important to continue providing them with certain needs in order to prevent future behavioral problems once this is over. We want to ensure our dogs maintain coping skills to the best of our abilities. 
Please contact me to find out how you can best support your best friend during this unprecedented time as they continue to support you. 

Puppies in the age of Covid 19

Recently add a baby dog to your household?! CONGRATULATIONS! Raising a puppy is a VERY rewarding and exciting process. It can be very nuanced at the best and calmest of times; raising a puppy during a global pandemic even more so.

I am here to help you and your family figure out the best and safest practices to raise a well-balanced puppy with the current climate to ensure appropriate socialization and to address the possibility of unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety, due to the fact we are all home much more with our dogs. 

Virtual Training

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