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Dog training is an art. A combination of innate talent and education.

Welcome to fear-free, science-based dog training where your dog will learn to thrive.

Working with families and their beloved companions is not only a privilege, but it is my passion and purpose in life. I work with dogs of all walks of life including puppies to older dogs with established behavioral problems such as dogs suffering from anxiety or aggression. Please reach out to get to know me to see if I am the right fit to work with your family, free of charge. It is incredibly important that you click with whomever you choose to work with your family. Thank you for visiting!- Kathryn, Professional Certified Dog Trainer

Please note that while I do my best to respond promptly to each  inquiry I receive there may be a delay in my response. I will get back to you in the order your inquiry was received. I look forward to hearing from you!

Proudly recommended by veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists, shelters, and local rescues groups.

I am not a commercial facility and accept a limited number of cases per week in order to provide the best, most individualized, and effective training to each individual client that I can. 


How do I use science to help dogs and their owners? The primary science of animal trainers is applied behavior analysis, which developed and diverged from the field of psychology. Practitioners of applied behavior analysis modify behaviors that are socially significant. This means that applied behavior analysts help their clients learn behaviors that will help them succeed in their current environment. 

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Some dogs are blank canvases while others have a rich and colorful history.

I am a Professional Certified Dog Trainer, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.


I use  the latest up to date science-based training techniques along with fun based owner coaching to educate owners.  I am a fear-free trainer as I believe in doing what is best for our dogs' mental and emotional health. Scientific studies have shown that punitive-based training methods are shown to increase stress in our dogs and often worsen their state of mind in the long run.

There are so many variables that make our dogs who they are. We need to account for all aspects of their personality, history, and current environment. We will work closely together to help reach your training goals. 

I have been working with dogs for over 20 years and have learned much from them as well as other trainers and behavior consultants. I have learned that the only and best way to train our dogs is through fun, science-based training that results in happy dogs and happy owners. 

I am not a commercial facility and accept a limited number of cases per week in order to provide the best, most individualized, and effective training to each individual client that I can. 

I work with dogs of all ages and walks of life as I believe that with patience and the right therapies many dogs can be worked with and live a happy life. Let's remove the stress and replace it with peace and happiness. I use the APDT's philosophy of Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive approach to dog training. 

Does your dog show signs of aggression? Does your dog jump all over you? Do you have a dog suffering from separation anxiety? Unable to take a pleasant walk due to your dog lunging at another on a walk? Looking to teach your new puppy proper manners from the get go? 

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My goal is to provide clients (both furry and two legged) with the best care, coaching, and training possible. 

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